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My friends and I play a lot of competitive games. In my opinion nothing says competitive like sports games. We’ve played all of the various EA Sports franchises. One year I even got hold of EA Sports Rugby and EA Sports Cricket from the UK and Australia respectively. It was definitely interesting seeing EA Sports games that don’t normally appear on this side of the world.

Most recently we’ve been challenging each other in NHL 11. For years, 2 of us would play 1vs1 while the rest would watch the action. With this generation of consoles however we were able to easily bring in a few more with 2vs2 and sometimes 3vs3 depending on how many of us were around.

Over the years, we’ve managed to come up with rituals we always carry into our gaming. Some are standards we set for every competition regardless of the game, some are dependent on the game we’re playing, and some are only applicable to individuals playing at the time.

Let’s look at some of my rituals;

Play for $$ – a bet of $5 is the standard. Loser pays winner. This rule may be suspended when a game is new, but inevitably is always reinstated as a constant – this stipulation always applies, even if not stated beforehand.

Player Selection – draw cards. When more than 2 people are up to play, a fair, random method was needed to determine which players would team with whom. Drawing cards has quickly become the easiest way to accomplish this. When we have 3 players playing we tend to play Paper, Rock, Scissors to determine how who teams up.

Team Selection – players randomly cycle through the teams until they have 3 different teams to choose from. All star teams do not count. Recently this rule has been amended to include a 4th random called the Wild Card, if u choose to select a 4th random, you MUST use that team. All star teams included. UPDATE: The opponent gets to eliminate one of the 3 teams the player has to choose from. Also, a 4th selection resulting in the same opposing teams means both teams must make another random selection.

Side Bets – various, dependent on players and the game being played. Some examples (for NHL 10 among other EA Sports titles) include;
$20 for Goalie Goals – if any player manages to score a goal with a goalie, he is owed $20 from all other players, including his team mates.
Performance based $$ – players would receive an additional $5 for scoring a hat trick, winning with a shutout, or reaching reaching a double digit score (triple digit in Madden). These side bets would also apply to Tiger Woods PGA where we would play a skins match, and the winner would receive $5 for the match, plus additional rewards for the longest drive and longest putt. This definitely adds for some challenge and strategy when you’re purposely aiming your shot away from the hole because you want to win the longest putt.

I always find it interesting when I play with different people to see what rituals others have applied amongst themselves. Leave a comment below and let me know what sort of rituals you have with your friends! Also did any of mine appeal to you? Do you think you’ll incorporate any into your own gaming habits? – Oh that’s right. You can’t do that. The comments are currently off.

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